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Our Advantage

Mexico Route

  • Ningbo/Yiwu/Guangzhou/Shenzhen shipping bulk cargo is fixed on a weekly basis.

  • Integrated operation, from pick-up, export customs declaration, destination port customs clearance, delivery, interlocking, saving customers working time.

  • We can provide Chinese/English/Japanese/Spanish services to overcome language barriers and provide timely information feedback.

  • Own clearance plate, clearance plate number 3432 LIC MA GRACIA F. Sanchez Rosas.

  • It is possible to arrange customs clearance personnel to pre-inspect before loading in China, prepare documents, and other preparations for tax bills. The tax bill can be issued one day before the ship arrives at the port. After arriving at the port, the ship owner can directly release it after changing the bill, shortening the customs clearance time and reducing the cargo. Losses such as damage to the packaging of the goods caused by the unpacking inspection in Mexico City and save local costs in Mexico.

  • We have our own warehouse of 5,000 square meters in Mexico City.

  • Provide full professional insurance for cargo and various local NOM certification services in Mexico.

  • It can provide tax declaration warehousing and direct transshipment of some of the goods in the whole container to other countries in Latin America.

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Japan Route

  • Our company is a professional agent for the export of Chinese goods to Japan.

  • The business scope includes Kanto, Japan: Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama, Kansai: Osaka, Kobe, and partial ports in Japan, shipping, FCL, LCL, air, special line, customs clearance, Japan door-to-door delivery.

  • Acting cargo inspection, cargo inspection, booking, customs declaration, certificate of origin, import and export agency and other one-stop services.

  • Self-operated company in Japan, can provide Chinese/Japanese/English services to overcome language barriers, satisfy your customs clearance, DDU to door and other services in Japan.

  • Tokyo Port has its own container fleet, which solves the problem of the consignee's congested port in Tokyo, Japan, and transports it safely to the door.

  • Optimization and upgrading of delivery at the destination port, using delivery and truck delivery, and shortening the appointment time through multiple channels.

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