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Our experience

Project Logistics

Sailing is working with the customers all over the world, which led our team to be a Real and Ideal Solution for every type of cargo.

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Hand Carry

Sailing works with more than 25 multi-national couriers company.

Trade Services

New Products Seeking ; Verification and/or Inspection Factory on Site ; Fairs and Exposition Attending on Site ; Verification of New Supplies ; Your Third Party Cargo Inspection.


We can provide you with

uncrating and placement of

equipment into your site.

  • Maximum number of qualified carriers bidding on each charter. More Bidders: More Flexibility, More Competition and More Availability.

  • Qualification of carrier is the primary role of our charter management.

  • Optimization of equipment and carrier selection.

  • Maximize trips by utilizing available back-haul services.

  • Exert our purchasing leverage to maximize savings.

  • Door to Door management service.

  • One communication focal point.

  • Safety and Insurance data on carriers are verified.

  • De-consolidation and assembly service.

  • Packaging design.

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